Mellifluous Music and Moreish Meals

There are a few things that offer intangibles to people as profound as music. And food.
While both may be different in terms of fathomable appearance, food of course being a physical spread on a plate of food, and music being something you “listen to”, the perceptible organization and “experience giving mechanism” of both, is the same. Let me elucidate this.
Every piece of music has the bass section, which forms the foundation of the music piece. The bass section comprises partly of the percussion, the cello/the bass guitar/double bass, and other such instruments, which have a heavy baritone and stay in the background on which the other parts of the piece is built upon. Remove this, and the piece loses its impact. Infact, it has been found that the bass section of a symphony is significantly responsible for eliciting and creating “emotion records” in the human brain, which enables us to create preferences in our playlist. So the inviting hard thump and groove that you hear coming from a concert some distance away that makes you feel part of it is a very integral part of any musical piece.
The same goes for food. Let me give you a very simple example. Consider a pizza(like how you would in a mathematical proof). The pizza dough, baked into a crust, forms the base, both literally and figuratively for the rest of the pizza to go on. Literally, well, you cannot just have the cheese and toppings if you don’t have something chunky to bite into. You could, but the “satisfaction factor” will just not be there.The dish as a whole won’t make sense. And figuratively, the richness and creaminess of the cheese, the tartness and tanginess of the sauce, and the astute and distinct textures of the topping, all need a “neutral” but robust foundation, on which they can choreograph their dance, performed on the palate. This correlation can be applied to any type of dish.
Then comes the rhythm section. The percussion(drums,tabla,etc) set the pace and pulse for the musical piece. They dictate how the music will flow, where it will pick pace, where it will slow down, where the cadence will rise, and fall. They are like the route navigators for the car that is the musical piece.
In food, it is the salad and patty in the sandwich, the cheese and marinara base on the pizza, or the texture of the noodles in the stir fry. These set the tone and form a main part of the body of what you are eating. They define the flavours that will burst in your mouth, and into your sinus and throat, creating palpitations for spicy, ripples on the tongue for tangy and tart, chill in case of cold and icy, warm and ticklish in case of umami, and so on. The list could go on and on, just like the rhythmic variations do.
The vocals come in next. They stand on top of the pedestal created by the bass and rhythm sections and are the limelight of the performance. They are the ones in the driving seat, powered on by the car’s various parts. They are the “interpreters”, that give literal form to the abstract feelings elicited by the instrumentation and orchestration.
The toppings on your pizza, the add -ons in your sandwich, the distinct taste in your soup, the sweetness of your gelato,the roasted flavour in your coffee, are the singers translating the clefs, brieves, quavers,minims,crotchets of the dish into your gastronomical senses.
The treble and bass section tops it off, providing the occasional and required high points and trills, that zap you into a high every time it occurs in the symphony. They do not have a presence throughout the musical piece, maybe at the start, or at the end, and a few times in between.
That dash of fresh basil and rosemary on your al dente pasta, the sprinkle of oregano and Tabasco on your pizza, the fresh coriander on your daal, the nutty sesame seeds on your baked goodies,or the tart pickle you dig into with every mouthful, are what fall into the treble section of food, cutting and cleansing there way across distinct shades of flavours and textures.
Music and food are the siblings, who have different physical and characteristic outlooks, but similar intrinsic traits imbibed from upbringing by the same parents-they may look different, and have different personas, but the underlying soul in both is the same. And both are excellent media of creating and nurturing harmony, tranquility,humanity, and unity among us humans.
Divyansh Atman
17th September, 2016

4 thoughts on “Mellifluous Music and Moreish Meals”

  1. Wow…. What a master piece. Could never have imagined music and food can be compared so vividly and convincingly. What a thought.,, music and food are siblings which are media of nurturing and creating harmony and uniting humans. As a reader I can vouch few might have attempted to write on this topic. Further, I am dead sure you have understood nuances of food and music in great details that’s why the comparison between them is so appropriate and novel as well.
    Looking forward to more such thought on your blog. Best wishes.

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  2. Just one word…fantabulous. Indeed a master piece. The way in which these two distinctly different things…two seemingly and obviously pole apart things have been compared and that too so convincingly, its really remarkable and applaudable. And I must admit that reading this write up did tickle all my gastronomical senses… 😉 that too very subtly and at all the right places. More power to your imagination and creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow!! I’m hungry now..and i want some nice music too.. reading the post, i was transported to a different bubble.. i could taste everything and i could hear the music as well.. thats some superb writing prowess!!! Hats off.. loved it.. great way to start the blog… 🙂

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