The “Cupple”

Accompanying Old Mrs Sunshine,

As ravishing and fresh as in her youth,

They descend-

Boiling,brewing and blending,

Into the abode of people;

With refreshing,effervescent countenances,

And enticing, invigorating warmth.

Meet the “Cupple”-

Arriving with swagger-

The charming,dynamic, flamboyant

Mr Cocoa Robusta,

And clutching his arm,

Sauntering in the most dainty of ways,

The demure, the bedazzling,

Mrs Flora Foliage.


Mr Robusta-

With a masculine cologne,

Rousing to full attention,

The stubbornest of slumber,

Takes a dive into the steaming sauna,

Bubbling impatiently for a strong embrace,

Into his alluring ruggedness.


A tantalising aroma,

A refreshing effervescence,

Materialises from the kettle.

Like a ghost it lurks and wanders,

Wearing a perfume,

Humming, and whistling of cocoa beans,

Kindling the twigs of olfaction.

In another kettle close by,

Swimming with grace,

Good enough to make a mermaid look pale,

Mrs Flora Foliage, all subtle and delicate,

Enlivens the aqua,

With strokes of her mellow scent,

And dabs of her herbal shades.

A meadow, verdant,and ambrosial,

Grows into the waking consciousness,

Tingling the sluggish slumber,

Into animated sprightliness.



“Good morning!”;”Have a nice day!”,

Sing melodiously onto the cheerful visages,

Partaking from the ebullient “Cupple”

The cynosure of the conversation table.

The “Cupple”-

Are the heralds of the day,

Giving an encouraging push,

To conquer the new day,

Gently lullabying the yawning, and sprouting laze.

What would be of us without them-

Slumbering and drooling through the day?

Let us raise a toast in grace,

To this couple, everyday.



Divyansh Atman

26th September, 2016.


3 thoughts on “The “Cupple””

  1. First of all, when I read the title of your blog I couldn’t comprehend as to what the word
    ‘ cupple’ meant. Checked with dictionary. No such word was found. That added an element of excitement to read your blog. Beautifully penned. Inanimated stuff like coffee and tea beautifully personified as husband and wife. Their intimate presence makes our day and their absence driving us in slumber. I am sure a lot of couples let their togetherness blossom on this Cupple. A good attempt to give life to animated objects . Kudos.

    Liked by 1 person

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