A world without religion?

Radical to some, resonating with some others, dissonance for some, the title is surely eye-catching.

Religion -the single most powerful concept.A concept capable of limitless intangibles and tangibles. A concept capable of uniting and dividing us humans en massé. A concept that brings out the best, and, also the worst in us. A concept that people find their identity in,but also feel lost in. A concept born out of  the purest of intentions, that can make us commit the worst of deeds. A concept of us mortals to understand God, that also misguides at times, and creates  conflicts-physical,mental and social. A concept made with the best of intentions, but used by some for the worst.


In today’s world, where, fuelled by religious ideologies, intolerance, terrorism, both gun and ideology fuelled,poverty, starvation,homelessness is on the rise, no matter how valiantly we fight against it, a question arises, Is the concept of religion necessary to realise God??

Terror ,discrimination, intolerance,violence,depravity to some and ultra luxury to the other, displacing, and separating of families, death of innocent children, ostracization of people based on blind faith, absolute devotion at the cost of health and peace of mind,inhuman deeds in the name of religion –was this its original purpose?


It is to be mentioned here, that religion is not a bad thing. A beautiful concept that provides a template for an optimal lifestyle, a concept that establishes social and ethical standards, a concept that ties families together, a concept that was brilliant- in its purest, and most basic form. But trust the thinking man, intellectual enough to constantly innovate to keep up with the times,and to simpify living, to also use his mind to distort and mar religion according to ideologies and demands, into a complicated form that sometimes is hard to relate to. A simple concept, made complicated by man. The irony.


A valid question here is, doesn’t that apply to everything? Doesn’t everything have its pros and cons.Don’t we have to make use of that thing in such a manner so that the pros outweigh the cons?


Religion does have its pros and cons, like every other thing. But in today’s world, slowly and worryingly, the cons are overshadowing the pros.The bad is becoming more prevalent and potent than all that is good about religion. This begs the question”should we dispense with religion in the times to come?”


No, I am not saying,”become an atheist, stop believing or having faith in God.” I am advocating a world where believers in God speak to him directly, through the heart. When one wants to seek divine intervention, they do so by a strong feeling of remembrance and devotion, whenever, wherever the person wants to,not through the channels of religion with strict procedures and ways established to communicate with God.


Can’t we live and thrive in a world devoid of religion? A world where humanity, kindness, unity, love, righteousness, dignity are the values that form the alternative to religion. A truly egalitarian society devoid of any stereotypes, discrimination, or profiling. A society where International Health Day, Men’s Day, Women’s Day, Son’s day, Daughter’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Father’s Day, World Peace Day, World Environmental Day,and so on are celebrated with as much gusto as religious festivals are. A world that still worships God, but without the various checkpoints required to meet Him/Her. A world that is not God-fearing, but God-loving.



I know this is a utopian concept. I have no idea whether we will ever realise this concept. But at least a sincere attempt can be made to implement it in such a way that the concept prevails in the world as close to ideal as possible.



God created man, as those having faith say. But after that, never revealed His identity to him. So man, since time immemorial, has been constantly searching for Him. In doing that, his mortal mind carved various paths, filled with sharp curves, steep bends and speed bumps, for the realisation of the Supreme Being. Now those paths are coming at loggerheads, and man is nowhere close to his destination. Why not remove all these roads and “message” Him whenever and wherever we want, if He is omnipresent, or, in the digital age,”always online”? I don’t think God would want His creation to destroy itself, or suffer in His pursuit. Any creator wouldn’t want that to happen to his creation.


Divyansh Atman

5th November, 2016.


6 thoughts on “A world without religion?”

  1. Like always.. very relevant..very eloquent.. very nicely written.. and more than that, the thought process and emotions are as sorted and worth propogating..

    Loved two lines a lot, which embodies the spirit of this post: “A world that is not God-fearing, but God-loving.” & “Is the concept of religion necessary to realise God??”.. these two lines single handedly should evoke a debate worthy of cleansing the humanity of all religion related troubles (which will account for most of the troubles of world infact)..

    Bravo.. we need more boys like you in the world.

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  2. A world without religion…. beautifully penned. We often come across the world you are taking about when we are in persuit to achieve some goal.. like, when a team plays in a sport or a team of scientist working together to create a new product, or doing some space research… that time their world seemingly is witnout religion. Look at their spirit, the vibe they give and the atmosphere they create…. that’s the world without religion and the god is manifested through their own strength and the belief in other’s strength as well. How beautiful it would be if the whole world works like that.

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  3. We are about 7 billion on earth. A substantial no of us interact with GOD through heart. And they are not atheists. I am one of them. Yes, we are divided. And one of the tool to divide is religion. There are many other divisive apparatus which bring the natural tendencies of human being to remain divided. With or without religion human will be living like this. It is natural to a specie with a mind.
    Truly, the religion unites us also. But there are so many other factors in the society which unites few of us. In such unification,there are always divisive intentions hidden. Unification means discrimination with respect to them whom we don’t want to be with us. So, in every case , whether religion or caste or class, there will be unity as well as division. Religion can’t be isolated singularly for such present divisive society.
    I agree to the extent that we don’t need religion for realisation of GOD.

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    1. I would also like to add that what I mention here is not all just because of religion. There are other factors as well that contribute to these occurrences, religion being one Of them that Ihave discussed here.


  4. Brilliant!!! As always..
    It’s the need of the hour for all human beings to think the way you have managed to think here.
    You gave due credit to all different types of schools of thought at the outset, never left sight of or deserted any of them in your endeavor to make things better or to convey your point of view. What I loved the most was that you had the courage to own what is our own manifestation, your solution was never to handle the bad at the cost of what is good, but to separate the good from the bad. I wish people had such clarity of vision.
    Loved it. I wish you all the best. Keep writing.

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