“Thermodynamics of living”




Nature is a great teacher. A constant that has been evolving since the birth of time itself, its institutions are immense and replete with profoundness, to say at the least.

We humans have been enlightened with a magical duo of logic and reasoning. The basic questions-“Why?”,”What”,”Where”,”Who”,”How?”,”If…..then”,”Therefore..ergo..hence”. These are the statutes of existence that has brought humanity and mankind so far ahead, in knowing whatever we keep an undying quest to learn from creation.

One of the most beautiful theories that never ceases to amaze me, amongst all those already in replete, are the laws of thermodynamics. A fabulous summation, inference and derivation of what we humans experience in our day-to-day life. Yes, these are scientific laws that have theoretical proofs using the tools of science, but if one were to observe more carefully, they are there, existing, for everyone to easily interpret, understand and implement in daily life.

Let me start off with the first law.

The first law, actually called the zeroth law, states (sic)-“If two systems are in thermal equilibrium with a third system, they are in thermal equilibrium with each other”.Through this law, arises the concept of temperature.

Now, let us see, how does it apply to our life? Pretty simple, actually.Each one of us is a soul “system” with a “thermal equilibrant”, called vibes.Now, these vibes take an inherent derivation from the uniqueness that is our nature-a singularity that has no duplicate in the unverse.Based on the type of vibes, we people interact and co-exist with each other.The level of equilibrium that we share with another person unfailingly determines what kind of  social relations we are going to have. Too less of an equilibrium, and that is a problem. A consonance of vibes, and there is a bonding between people.

How many times have we heard the words,” I don’t feel good in that person’s presence”; or the statement,”I can sooo connect with that person!” ?

Well, more often than not.

Despite being very subjective, this primal thought dictate how mankind exists the world over;where we stick with the people we have a vibrant equilibrium with, and tend to avoid those who cause an unsettling “temperature difference, “or “vibe tussles” that destabilize our peace of mind.

The Second law(sic)-“When energy passes, as work, as heat, or with matter,into or out from a system, the system’s internal energy changes in accordance with the law of conservation of energy.” In other words, energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, but can only be morphed from one form into another.

From the scientific perspective, the currency in which this energy can be transacted in are work and heat-a system may use its energy to do work,or it may lose it in the form of heat loss to the surroundings. Any combination of this, and that is the law of conservation if energy.

What is the work here? It is the effort and strive, dedication and zeal that we put into the accomplishment of whatever be our ambition and goal in life.And what is the heat? It is the negative thought processes;”lateral thoughts”, apprehensions, suspicions, self doubts, that convert this reservoir of inner fortitude into a rapidly burning one and wasting one.

In both the above scenarios, it is our energy-our life force, our consciousness, our motivation that gets expended.The choice of how and where we will expend it- that rests squarely on our shoulders.We may use it as an efficient workhorse for the positives that can be done, or let it burn and sludge off to uselessness.

It comes as no surprise, that the maximum work that can be obtained from a system, comes from a reversible process, where the difference between the initial and final stages of a process is so infinitesimally small, that there is always an equilibrium between the two states.

Rock-solid determination, undying patience, relentless efforts are probably some of the “conditions of reversible process” that separate some people from the others-people who serve as standards for the society to cherish and uphold.

The third law(sic):”The total entropy of an isolated system can only increase over time.” In other words, the universe always tends to transform into a more disordered state of randomness.

Now, this law provides sense to the second law, which would seem absurd otherwise.Heat never flows from a cold to a hot body. Water does not flow from the bottom to the top. This is because of a quaint thing called entropy-a measure of the disorder or randomness that is present, and which always tends to increase in any process.

This concept of entropy conveys a very deep-seated philosophy of life-everything is transient.As humans, it should be the ideal of our life to constantly keep moving on from one state of transience to another. Never should the desire to continuously carry on accomplishing, rediscovering, aiming and exploring all life has to offer ever get extinguish. This is perhaps the elixir that has catapulted mankind to the level of existence that he stands on today, and is continuing to do so.

As humans, never should this “entropy” of endless inquisitiveness and moving on towards a better version of ourselves ever dim out.Go on, dream more. Live more.Never settle for anything. Make your unique existence worthy of the universe’s consciousness.

“The teachings of nature are there all to see The beauty lies in how we learn from it.”

Divyansh Atman

25th March,2017


2 thoughts on ““Thermodynamics of living””

  1. Lovely.. too good.. how well you have understood the nature and could apply the principles of physics to it.. actually all laws physical, chemical, biological et al have a direct correlation with the nature we live in. However understanding the nuances of this correlation is a challenge. Through this wringing you have convincingly and emphatically established how meaningfully you have understood the nuances. I always maintain knowledge without its application is no knowledge. You have not only understood the laws of thermodynamics but have done a daunting task to apply them to our lives and attached milieu. Before I leave , let me tell you that so far I have known that a constant never changes. The beginning of your blog is quite exciting wherein you are talking about a constant in the form of nature which is evolving( read changing ) with time. That leaves me with a thought that in this world, physical or metaphysical, nothing is constant.
    Loved your writing. Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some day hopefully, in this ever evolving world and its subjects, as is very aptly understood and portrayed by you, where the lines between the definitive keep blurring and where the paradigms keep shifting, I see a world where physics and philosophy would mingle seamlessly and compliment each other, I see some teacher using your analogy to make these topics more palatable to students. It’s one thing to understand concepts of science, it’s another to understand the depth of some of the aspects of life and living itself but to be able to correlate and express so beautifully, is truly the mark of a person whose logical as well as creative sides are so potently developed.
    It’s as if you have managed to see science and life in its naked forms….
    Loved it…so so beautiful…
    Keep writing, keep deciphering and keep disseminating…


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