“The Uber Ride”

The Uber pulled into the driveway.

“You undergoing treatment in that cancer centre?”

“Yes, came to pick a prescription up.” Came the tentative reply.

“You go man! Stay strong! Lost my ma to it, dad undergoing treatment. What’s your age?”


As the car pulled over at the destination,”All the best man! I’ll pray for you!You so young! 2-3 years down, and you’ll be well settled into a married life!”

“Thanks man! Give my best to your dad!”

The smiles said farewell.

The Uber driver gave more than a ride. He got more than just the fare.

The student got more than a ride. A memory to cherish for days to come.




4 thoughts on ““The Uber Ride””

  1. Short but speaks a lot. Human emotion should better be subtlety expressed. It doesn’t require verbosity. Measured words conveying a lot. The essence of purity of human relationship is that it transcends all barriers of acquaintance and that’s the best relation I can visualise. I think the boy should write his experience with the driver on Uber App.


  2. In todays practical world where service nd hospitality lack the genuineness required ..a beautiful display of how a kind exchange does much more for both the client and the driver..loved it

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